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Why Should I Refinish My Furniture Instead Of Buying New

This is a subject that I feel rather passionate about. If you have quality solid wood furniture it is worth refinishing for several reasons. Have you ever heard the saying “They don't make them like they used too! ". Well it has never been more true than with furniture that is manufactured today. The furniture that they make today is not cheaper than it was few years ago, however its normally made out of medium density fiberboard or even worse particle board. Finding a quality made piece of furniture for a reasonable price these days is near impossible. I have repaired and seen pieces of furniture that costs thousands of dollars that are basically made of paper with a pretty faux simulated grain finish. Its seems that they make the pieces to last a few years and then be replaced. Refinishing a quality piece of furniture gives you exactly that. A quality piece of furniture that looks brand new and is finished to the style and or finish that you want. This is far better in my opinion than purchasing a nicely finished piece of paper that you will have to replace in a few years. If you do buy a new piece of furniture, take my advice, get the warranty.

Two other reasons to refinish a piece of furniture are that it is sentimental and or an antique. A sentimental piece kind of speaks for itself, if it is in need of repair or restoration then we can definitely help. I have repaired and refinished a lot of antique pieces, some that came in the door literally in pieces and in multiple boxes. A lot of them are solid quarter sawn oak , ribbon mahogany, walnut, or birds eye maple -  woods that are very expensive nowadays. Repairing, restoring, and refinishing them gives you a high quality, well made piece of furniture that is absolutely beautiful.